Family Home Evening

Lainee asked to do the family home evening lesson.  She even assigned people to do things for it.  She asked if Violet could do a scripture on Lehi and his family and she asked me to make apples and dip for a snack. She was so cute! She even set up the room cute with a blanket and chairs and a little coloring table with a craft for us to do.  She started the lesson with a question. She asked who the two most important people in our family were.  Everyone guessed and Violet was right when she said Mom and Dad. She said we were the most important people because we take care of the children.  Then she got out a container and inside were little figurines representing our family  members.  She said she couldn't do people so she drew us as slices of bread (this was my favorite part).  The craft was cutting a frame out of paper and drawing things we like on it.  Then we all bore our testimonies and finished with dessert.
I love how she really thought about it and put a lot of effort into it.  She worked for the majority of the afternoon getting ready for it.  I love her so much and am so grateful for her example to me and what a leader she is in our family.

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