I truly believe recording our thoughts, feelings, struggles and joys can not only help us, but help others.  I have been inspired by many women who share their stories on blogs and I hope to not only share my life with others, but maybe help somebody along the way.  This is a record of me and my family and our journey through this life.

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Kyle and Pam said...

I just went on your blog for the first time, and just did a scroll down to look at all the pictures! Tara, I love you and your family!!!! I am soooo excited to go through your blog and read each entry! You have inspired me, I need to start a blog. You are amazing! I am sooo excited to read about your daily journeys and am sooo happy that I get to see pictues of you and your beautiful kids. They are all beautiful, and you are more beautiful today then you ever have been. I love you sooooo much and am excited for your blog!
i miss you! i miss my bestie!

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