Joy in the Journey

I was feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks of motherhood and as I tried to just relax and not worry so much, my thoughts wandered to times when I was a child.  My Dad would pick my sister and I up from school every so often and take us out to lunch- usually Taco Time.  This was something that made me feel special and loved and I remember really looking forward to it.  Another memory that came to my mind was when my family and I would go to Waterton.  We would always stay at my Dad's friends cabin there.  One particular time my Dad took me fishing.  We were gone most of the day, walking through a stream while we fished.  The stream led to a big lake where a big moose chased us to shore.  Good times!  Life was so much more carefree and it made me think of my children's views on life.  They have this simple view of life.  If they are fed, exploring something and feeling my love through my time, attention, and cuddles, they are happy and content.  Oh, how sometimes I wish I could go back to those times for just a day!  I think finding that balance between being a carefree person and being a responsible person is key.  Not taking things too seriously, but addressing things that need to be addressed.  Laughing and exploring with the children, but teaching them responsibility and accountability as well.  Not being so worried about how clean the house is, but making sure it isn't dangerous to walk around in!  Not fearing so much that your children won't learn everything you want them to by the time they leave home, but trusting in Heavenly Father to help and guide you and them. President Monson's talk, "Finding Joy in the Journey", is a great source to help me remember to enjoy the now and not be so worried!  Here is a quote from it:

"This is our one and only chance at mortal life- here and now.  The longer we live, the greater is our realization that it is brief.  Opportunities come, and then they are gone.  I believe that among the greatest lessons we are to learn in this short sojourn upon the earth are lessons that help us distinguish between what is important and what is not.  I plead with you not to let those most important things pass you by as you plan for that illusive and nonexistant future when you will have time to do all that you want to do.  Instead, find joy in the journey- now."

Pictures from the Cabin in Waterton

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