"Make Mistakes, Make Mistakes, Make Mistakes"

Thanks @amypoehlersmartgirls for this great quote! Thinking about making some business changes & I'd love tips, advice (& prayers! 😁) What's the best thing you did for your small business? #entrepreneur #businesstips

When I read this, I knew it was something I wanted to read over and over again.  I want to teach this to my children.  Things that will help us grow in this life are things that are not going to be comfortable. If we never do things that aren't comfortable we will never know what could have happened.  And if we fail, that's okay.  We are here to learn and grow and progress in ways we may not have expected. 

Sometimes the kids get frustrated with something we are learning because they want to be perfect at it right away.  I try to explain that if you already know how to do something, you wouldn't need to learn it.  Lainee is especially a perfectionist in her penmanship.  I started using a saying, courtesy of Ms. Frizzle from "The Magic School Bus." It goes, "Let's take chances, make mistakes and get messy!"  She has done so much better and rarely complains now when her work isn't perfect because she knows it's okay to make mistakes.  She has turned into an excellent penman, but even if she hadn't she tried her very best!

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