The Seven Silly Eaters

I have a favorite children's book called, "The Seven Silly Eaters."  It is a fun, silly book about a mom who has seven children who will only eat one particular thing each.  At first it is kind of cute, but then it becomes very hard keeping up with each of her children's particular food choice.  It ends really sweet and is just a cute, humorous book for me to read with or without the children. There is one particular page that the kids just find hilarious and they compare her to me. 
They are probably right.  I am just glad they think it's funny and not sad!  I feel like this book is my life right now.  It is crazy, sometimes completely out of control, messy, busy and full of picky eaters.  But I also feel so much satisfaction in being a mother and being able to help these beautiful children grow and reach their goals and potential. 

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