Country Fest

Every year we go to our city, South Jordan's, fair.  We give the kids a certain amount of tickets and they each get to pick what rides they want to go on.  It is fun seeing which ones they choose.  We didn't get any pictures of two of my favorite things I did.  Since having babies, my balance has been off and I can't even go on the swings at the park without feeling sick.  I went on a Ferris Wheel a couple years ago and it was not a good experience!  I used to be able to go on rollercoasters and spinning rides without any problems before and never understood how it made people sick.  Well, now I know.  (Actually, I feel like any time in my life when I have wondered why people were the way they are or did things I thought were strange, I have been put in that exact position.  But I'll save that for another post!)  Anyway, I was feeling like maybe I could do one of the rides that I haven't been able to do since having children and I wanted to give it a try.  Just looking at the Ferris Wheel still makes me feels sick, but I was feeling up for the Zipper.  You know that ride where you sit in the cage part and it moves around in an oval all the time while spinning you constantly.  That was always my favorite growing up.  Well, I did it!  I got in and was having a great time and when I thought the ride was over, the guy puts it in reverse and goes again.  I was done by that point so the rest of the ride I was waiting for it to be over.  I think it was an extra long ride because there was no one in line.  It was fun, but I don't know if I have a desire to do it again.  I think I was more just trying to feel young again!

When we were about to leave I had to get a waffle from the Waffle Love truck.  I had heard about these waffles and was excited they were there.  Well, they didn't disappoint.  They are different than any waffle I have ever had and so good.  They put this stuff called biscoff spread on it and then I got real whipped cream and fresh berries- so delicious!

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