Danny and I had been noticing that Violet never wanted to sit by Wyatt at meal times or any other time, she refused to hold his hand and acted like she didn't want to be around him anymore.  It was starting to worry us so I asked Violet about it one day when we were alone.  She said that he is too rough with her.  She explained that she is a girl and you need to be soft with girls.  I explained that I would talk to Wyatt about it and that he may have just been confused because sometimes Violet does wrestle with him so he may think she likes it a lot.  So I went and explained to Wyatt how Violet felt and that she just likes him to be soft with her now.  He said, "Okay", and went on playing.  A little while later, I asked the kids to get in the van to go somewhere and I come out and see this:

It was one of those moments where you feel like maybe they are listening to you.  I know it seems so small and simple, but it made this Mom's day!

Meanwhile, I look over and see my little Jack and my beautiful Lainee.  I am one lucky Mama!

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