Let's Play Music

Lainee had her music recital and did so well!  She is in the first year of her Let's Play Music classes.  It is a three year piano training program that teaches children through ear training, classical music and singing.  It has been a pretty fun year.  I go to class with her every other week and then do her homework with her at home on her tone-bells.  Next year, she will actually start using a piano and then by the end of the third year she will compose her own song and play it at the recital.  Her teacher, Ms. Kara, is great with her and she has really enjoyed the classes.

At the recital, she had a very serious expression on her face the whole time.  It looked like she was bored out of her mind.  She had a solo (The Dinosaur Song) on the tone-bells and she kept the same expression the whole time.  She played them perfectly as well!  After, I asked her what she was thinking during the performance and she said at first she was nervous and then she was fine after that. That's Lainee.  She just does her thing.  I am so proud of all her hard work!

I love this picture!  Lainee is just looking at one of her classmates who was singing louder than all the rest of them put together.  Ms. Kara had said to make sure to sing loud and she was definitely following orders.  She was adorable!
I finally got some smiles out of her!

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