We met up with our homeschool group on September 11th to thank the firefighters for their service and the sacrifices they make for us.  
First the kids made cards for them and then we delivered them to the South Jordan Fire Station.  They were very gracious and gave us a tour of the fire house and the fire trucks.  

One of the firemen put on his full gear and then had each of the kids give him five.  

Then the kids and I headed over to the Healing Fields.  I had no idea this was even here.  It was beautiful and somber there.  There is a flag for each person who died in the attacks.  I still remember that morning very well.  I was flying from Salt Lake to Los Angeles when our pilot came on and announced that some planes had crashed into the world Trade Center and that for extra security, we would be getting out on the tarmac.  They had completely shut down the airport.  I had no idea what the World Trade Center even was and didn't comprehend what was going on.  Then as I watched the news in horror, I realized the severity of the situation.  The stories of people who risked their lives, some losing them in the process, are inspiring and are some of the good that came out of that awful day.  It reminds me there is still good in this world and that our freedom is worth fighting for.  

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